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Exploring "The Last Breath" by Dr. Carol Campbell-Norris

Dr. Carol Campbell-Norris is a community pastoral counselor, certified grief support coach, and chaplain at Advent Health Hospital in Central Florida. On a daily basis, she ministers to patients, families, and hospital staff as they navigate the complexity of grief and loss. Her second book entitled The Last Breath takes an in-depth reflection on death and dying from her unique vantage point and discusses the urgency to tend to the end of life events that distinguish the human existence.

In The Last Breath, Dr. Campbell-Norris shares touching, true-life stories of the emotional, spritrual, and cognitive experiences associated with managing processes of death. She provides practical and thoughtful suggestions in preparing for end-of-life events as well as support to navigate the sudden loss that we are also asked to endure. Learn about the book, The Last Breath, and more about Dr. Campbell-Norris at



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