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Shifting Narratives: Women Changing the Music Industry

Rolling Stone's Voices of the Movement Series

This November @rollingstone kicked off the Voices of the Movement series sponsored by @olay. This series features "mold-breakers - women who rose to the top of their occupations and are constantly searching for ways to uplift those just starting out." Committed to "elevating the voices of these women who are a force of change in the music industry," Rolling Stone met with 2x Grammy award winner, @ellabricmusic and I to talk about our experiences navigating music industries, persistent challenges facing women in our disciplines, and shifting the public discourse.

"women who are a force of change in the music industry"

Central to this conversation was the vast underrepresentation and exclusion of women in music. In 2021, only 2.8% of producers on the Billboard Hot 100 Year End Chart were women. While music therapy is a profession predominately made up of women, their voices and particularly those of minoritized Black women, femme, and non-binary therapist are often minimized or erased in theory, research, and practice.

Marisol photographed by @moniqueandthefirst

"As a therapist and educator working with people, particularly minoritized women at significant times in their lives, I often need to draw from places outside of my profession to cultivate a culturally sustaining and justice-oriented approach that honors their whole being"

Check out this incredible series featuring women across the music industry shifting narratives and changing history as well as the November issue also launching the Musicians on Musicians series with @snoopdogg x @latto777, @victoriamonet x @kellyrowland, @bigboi x @jidsv, @heisrema x @therealswizzz and many more.

To connect around my work in Black musical placemaking at the intersection of music, health, and transformation and supporting the health and whole-being of Black communities through music, email me at and head over to @blackmusictherapynetwork (links in bio).



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