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Collective Healing: Honoring Radical Imaginings in Music Therapy

So glad to have participated in the 46th conference of the Australian Music Therapy Association. Not only was I honored to provide the keynote, entitled: "Radical Healing: Honoring Radical Imaginings in Music Therapy", but I was doubly honored to join Delphine Geia, Mai Abe, Asami Koike, and our wonderful moderator and conference convener Tanya Marie Silveira as a panel of Indigenous, Black, and People of Color music therapy practitioners and students. Check out the session entitled, "Moving forward as a profession: Understanding the music therapist's experience of racialised unconscious bias" as well as graphic recorder, Sarah Firth's, dope live representation of the keynote (below). You can access the video for both presentations on the conference website as well as participate in the remainder of the conference.

Image Description: This graphic recording portrays elements of Marisol Norris' keynote entitled, "Radical Healing: Honoring Radical Imaginings in Music Therapy." It reflects depictions of Nina Simone playing the song “I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free" on the piano. It portrays layers of the earth and ground (brown, gray, and red) that reflect the layers of violence enacted on marginalized communities. It depicts freedom dreams in the blue sky, trees, and sunshine. The flowers that grow from the earth are connected to the words restorative, affirmation, resistance, belonging, witness pain, and radically thriving. It also includes images that portray radical imagining in music as a political, sensorial, and strategic act towards justice and equity aims.



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