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Black Music Matters and The Black Messiah Album: An Interview with Adrian Dunn

Listen to the audio interview with Adrian Dunn, Leah Gipson, and Marisol Norris below.

Abstract: In an audio interview, Adrian Dunn, discusses his album, The Black Messiah, with Leah Gipson and Dr. Marisol Norris. As a commentary on religious life in the U.S., the music was initially performed the year that Donald Trump was elected president in resistance to dominant, white Christian nationalism and hate speech. Dunn sought to preserve this history in an album. Dunn explains that The Black Messiah affirms Black liberation and justice, and situates responsibility with all persons as the work of a shared humanity. The discussion reflects on American musical traditions, narratives, Black spirituality, and an integral relationship between music and freedom.

Audio Interview Transcripts:

Black Music Matters and The Black Messiah Album
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